So, the stock market and economy as a whole will likely continue on down in the year ahead, crypto too.

What if we get lucky by putting some dry powder into $SHIT?

I have. It’s a crazy long shot of a moonshot, but it’s possible. ERC20 verifiable contract on coingecko.

I took my ETH winnings from 2 years ago and put some of that into $SHIT a ways back. Has held steady, some runs, then dips back down. But what if one day it runs, and keeps running? One can hope, right? C’mon someone with a massive following tweet this shitcoin out as a joke and make it blast off to the moon please!!

Again, crazy long shot but here’s the coin’s profile on CoinGecko. Not the creator, just a hopeful moon investor trying to get lucky.


GL out there everyone and don’t invest any more than you can afford to lose into projects like this! Only play money imo

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