Yes, I’m well aware that these universities are not available for the average Joe and are only accessible to a very niche community of people but this is still a major start.

Everything has to start somewhere right?

Think about it. If this proves to be popular and effective, more and more universities will start following suit and the students learning these courses will end up being the next generation of members building and progressing society.

If blockchain gets normalized at this young of an age then the likelihood of these students taking advantage of blockchain and implementing it into society grows significantly higher.

Up until BitDAO’s announcement last week about EduDAO’s launch, I never really realized how many top tier universities are actually integrating Web3 into their curriculums.

Blockchain at Berkeley, Harvard Blockchain, Blockchain at Michigan, MIT Sloan Blockchain, Berkley RDI, Oxford Blockchain Society.

These are all Web3 courses being taught by the most prestigious universities in the world and the fact that a crypto organization like BitDAO is funding these courses is MAJOR news to the entirety of the blockchain community.

I don’t know if you understand the importance of this, but it means that blockchain technology and Web3 are slowly but surely starting to get normalized.

Soon enough you’ll start seeing average everyday universities following suite and that’s where we’ll start seeing a major turn in the crypto and blockchain world.

There are many steps and actions to take into consideration if we ever want crypto to go mainstream, but I might argue that this could be the most important, most effective, and fastest way possible to achieving that mainstream status.

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