Wondering how sellers are able to get so many premium accounts? Maybe you want to know how you can start to sell yourself? You’re in the right place! I have been a seller, and this is exactly what I will teach you. Have any questions? Send me a chat!

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Who am I?

I have been involved in selling accounts since 2017. In that time, I have sold thousands of USD worth of streaming, VPN and gaming accounts. I have also sold a guide on the process for the last year, with over 1000 sales and 80 plus reviews. The guide has been given a big update for 2022. This experience means I am not just a random seller selling a resold guide – I have followed this process and can provide expert help if needed!

What am I selling?

This guide is all my experience distilled into a guide. It eliminates the need for any trial and error, and common pitfalls. It includes a section on the process and useful resources, PLUS a section showing you exactly how to duplicate my earnings. You can expect to do at least 400USD in a month if selling following my instructions and selling 5+ different accounts.

Is this a get rich quick scheme?

Actually, the earnings are separate to the method. You could use the method for personal use and never need or want to sell them, and it’s still a great value. But, if you are interested in selling, absolutely not. It is providing a product (the accounts that you get) that is in high need, that can be easily produced. This method has been in use for 5+ years, and cannot become saturated as it’s not a one off exploit, it’s a general way of getting the accounts that can’t be patched. The earnings are as valid today as they were 3 years ago.

The earnings potential is around 400-800USD per month, with about 10 minutes per day of work on average after the initial set up (about 30mins-1hr). That 10 minutes is usually spent posting sales posts and replacing customers accounts. Earnings would depend on the amount of different accounts you sell.

What accounts can I get?

I include tools for 60 or so of the most popular accounts. Streaming services like HBO NOW, Netflix and Hulu, Music services like Deezer, Tidal and Spotify, a bunch of different food and gaming accounts, VP N services like NordVPN, ExpressVPN and others! However, the method works for many more accounts. I just can’t include every single one out there. Chances are though, if you want a tool for a service that I don’t include, it is available on the exclusive resources I have linked in the guide.

The main guide includes everything needed to get popular accounts in fields like streaming (Spotify, HBO MAX, Instagram, Hulu, more), VPN (NordVPN, ExpressVPN, Tunnelbear, more) and many many more. It’s written by someone who has done this process for years.

This guide includes

  • a general outline of the process
  • my support if needed for any reason
  • the program that you use and useful resources
  • a step by step walkthrough of the process
  • outlines exactly how to start your own shop and best practices to make the most money possible. If you follow these instructions, you will make money.
  • a video tutorial I created to show the process
  • all future updates so it never goes out of date

The $35 option includes all this, plus a guide I wrote on upgrading accounts from free to premium like Spotify and YouTube premium.

VOUCHES – I have many more then the 4 posted here.

To see all my 80+ previous vouches on my old autobuy, click here

To see my most recent vouches on my new autobuy, go here – https://pastebin.com/raw/YQcNgGLQ


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Purchase my guide here https://pastebin.com/raw/YQcNgGLQ

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