MORE JUST DROPPED! ETH NFTs between 0.03 and 0.06, with more being created as we post this!

A world of abandoned gods and those who strike them down. With each item created by hand, limitless possibilities are available to discover. Find your persona and create your own fate.

Use as a PFP, A character in a game, or build your own character lore through our discord. The possibilities are endless!

God 001 – The Brooder

God 002 – The twin

Godstriker 001 – Elven Warrior

Obtain different characters with a range of abilities, looks, and preferences. From the newbies to the legendaries, the character is yours to grow. The gods are here to put lesser beings in their place. Once worshipped, the gods are now the monsters of this world.

A fantastic artist creates each item, and we have many plans for those who want to learn more about each design/ character. We take pride in creating inclusive and unique characters and monsters and have many plans for creations going forward.

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