Giving solution to DeFi’s unsolved issue of TVL under-utilization.

The team behind LeverFi deserves recognition, as they are responsible for constructing this DeFi lending platform that shows expertise in asset yield deployments.

This platform is created to connect the traders and lenders in one platform, allowing traders to deposit yield-bearing collateral and trade the fluctuations in asset prices at up to 10x leverage.

LeverFi accepts a wide range of assets, from token majors (such as BTC, ETH, BNB) to LP assets (such as Curve-LP, Uni-LP, Cake-LP) as collateral on the platform. These assets are redeployed to farming platforms such as Yearn, Convex or Pancake farms to earn yield for users.

LeverFi integrates a cross-margin model, enables users to merge their yield-bearing collateral into a single collateral basket in order to perform larger trades.

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