$CUMINU has new and verified creators either following or reaching out daily. The first milestone of 500 creators and 5,000 fans is looking easily achievable given the collective fanbases so far

  • Instant payments to creators
  • Anonymity for fans
  • 5 minute KYC process for creators
  • Free, PPV and subscription 18+ content
  • Live streaming and chat

The potential for Cummuniti

OnlyFans is currently valued at $18 Billion!

It’s valuation and revenue has exploded in recent years due to the huge spike in adult content creators.

From 100K users in 2017 to 188M fans and 2.1M creators at last report.

They’ve paid over $500M in dividends in the last 2 years.

In terms of $CUMINU they are 3200X in valuation. Instead of paying dividends CUMINU team will buy back and burn tokens.

$CUMINU and Cummuniti Update

Creator Shout Outs

We’ve had over 200 shout outs from creators on socials. We feel this is a huge achievement and great resource to Cummuniti.

Their combined fan base between Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter is easily 40-50M.

Up till now they have been soft promoting the launch. Once the creators are signed up we will be incentivize them to promote their Cummuniti link as often as possible and direct fans to the platform.

CEX Listings

$CUMINU has offers for both free and paid CEX listings.

Many of these deals are based on the token volume, not the quality of the project.

There is a chance CUMINU token may list on a smaller CEX (outside top 10)


The team in still in talks with OKX about scheduling an AMA. Ideally we would like this done prior to launch.

$CUMINU Editorial

There is a chance that Cuminu may get a write up in a prominent crypto editorial. One of their journalists was tuning into the Round Table Show and has reached out for an interview.


  • %0 taxes
  • LP locked for 100 years,
  • Monthly buy back & burns planned.

$CUMINU will buy back and burn $100K of tokens for each $1M of revenue generated by the Cummuniti platform

The potential is huge when you consider Only Fans does over $80M a week

We all are so early! The adult szn is so close to explode.

Uniswap, Telegram link and for more: https://linktr.ee/cuminutoken








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