After extensive discussion with Ethereum community members, we have almost finalized the web3:// access protocol for EVM defined in ERC-4804. To allow more developers and builders to use web3://, we have launched the gateways (multi-chain) and (mainnet) to support web3://.

The following lists a couple of more detailed information:

– web3:// standard in EIPS repo

– Website (self-hosted on ENS/EVM): web3://w3url.eth/ or

– Firefox extension to support web3:// => HTTP:// gateway translation:

– Example for on-chain NFTs

— Cyberbroker NFTs: web3://cyberbrokers-meta.eth/renderBroker/50 or

— ArtBlocks NFTs: web3://art-blocks-io.eth/render/78/0 or

– Example for on-chain Vitalik’s blog: web3://vitalikblog.eth/ or

Feel free to leave your comments about the protocol. Cheers!

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