Ganbu Inu

Launched 16 hours ago.

$Ganbu inu is a revolutionary new token that is based on principles of ancient ganbu philosophy. $ganbu has great potential as it utilizes known memes in the crypto community as well as pop culture. The contract has also been written in a clever way that allows us all to be ganbu friends and liquidity to keep growing. Every holder of $ganbu are equal and we focus on building a strong community where everyone's voice is heard equally.

✅100% Liquidity locked. 2% redist, 3% liquidity, 3% marketing

✅Based devs who are always ready to answer questions and active!

✅Marketing funds already being put to use. CALLS in 13k+ member group coming

✅Uniswap ERC20 token with original contract — NOT bsc

🔥 This is the chance to get into the next 100x ! Ganbu Inu is already at 150k Market cap and growing rapidly! 🔥




▬CONTRACT▬ ►0x03db0c65dc2b9f572608d22a1e702ede09c514e1

▬Unicrypt Liquidity Locked▬ ►

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