The GameStop meme phenomenon, which erupted in early 2021, captivated the world with its blend of financial rebellion and internet culture. Roaring Kitty leading the movement.

This contract was deployed in January 2024 with the contract starting with 0x246…JUNE 2024! it has to be a sign, this token making a strong comeback recently. With an ATH of 1.6m now trading around 450k market cap.

This communty does everything to support Roaring Kitty in its quest to succeed. they got banners live on 4chan, banners on all token Dextools pages, Reddit and so on.

A community token on a mission!

$GME on $ETH 0x246 June 2024

CA: 0x246b2c72be80da157ecfa371f12d45801d44c9ab


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