So, when I first bought ETH, it was still only $1200 and I had no clue what exactly crypto is. I had read somewhere that ETH was good and that I need a non-custodial wallet for cryptos, so I downloaded the first such wallet for ETH that I found (spoiler: it's not MetaMask). The wallet had the possibility to buy ETH directly with fiat, so I just did. Fast forward a few months and my investment had doubled, so I decide to make a binance account, transfer my ETH there and sell it. I open my ETH wallet and am greeted by the message "Network congested – transaction fees are higher than usual". Well how high can they be? I try to transfer to binance, and the tx fee is $120… No way I am losing 30% of my precious ETH, so I decide to wait until the fees get lower…

I am still hodling that ETH because fees are still high and it has now nearly done a 4x… Had the ethereum fees been lower, I would have sold and missed on the near 4x. So I will just continue to hold until ETH 2 arrives.

tldr: Didn't sell ETH cause of high fees, and it did another 2x. Lesson? Holding proves again to be the best strategy. Time in the market > timing the market

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