Today, there are games of different genres that will appeal to players from all walks of life. There are also many games in different categories in the play to earn area. But Farming Tales is a game genre that will appeal to everyone from young and old alike: a farming game.

Farming Tales is a play to earn game developed on the wax network. We play as farmers in the game. We give our chickens, geese, goats and pigs the necessary water and feed the and collect the products to sell them to the market and earn money. But there’s something interesting about Farming Tales: Income from Farming Tales are used to support real-life farmers. So how to play Farming Tales play to earn game?

In order to play Farming Tales, we first need to have a wax wallet. You can check our related article to learn how to create a wax wallet. To start the game, you must have at least 2 nfts. These nfts can be hen and coop, pig and stable. In other words, we can start the game with a building where we can put 1 animal and 1 animal. After receiving our Nfts, we can go to and log in with our wax wallet and start playing Farming Tales and earning money.

Another feature that distinguishes Farming Tales play to earn game from many other games on the wax network is that the game is played with the WASD keys of the keyboard. So we have a 3rd person farm game in front of us! Besides, our first word is ‘Life’. To exit the WASD mode and access the clickable areas, we must press the ‘Q’ key on the keyboard. When we first open the game, our farmer, who is ready to do all kinds of work, greets us.

Gameplay detailed guide:

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