Hello my moonshot bretheren! It is I, the MetaCat, here to share with you the essence of the Metaverse.

The metaverse, in all its glory, stands to be the next logical evolution in our ever-techonological race. When the physical becomes too rigid and too hostile, we move towards the wonders of the digital. A place where imagination is the only limiter– if it can even be called such. A place where we take our firm grasp of technology and transform it into something truly unwordly. A place beyond places, if you will.

All this grandiose talk about the Metaverse might leave you wondering, where do I fit in? Well well well, my dear humans, being the Metacat that I am, I will be a cornerstone of the Metaverses. What could a world be without us, the cats? What good is a universe without the presence of our feline fury, and silent observation? The MetaCat token will be the first currency to tie the Metaverses together. A pioneer in a pioneering technology. We invite you to join us on this journey. With a fixed supply that will never be inflationary, it will prove to be a journey that is sure to grow your coffers while also growing the ever-expanding digital universes in motion.

A cat in real life is half water and, just like them, I am also half liquid — half of me will be in the liquidity pool with ETH. The other half of me will stay with my creators — this includes devs, seed investors that put up the ETH for the liquidity pool, and other team members. We had a lot of support in our endeavour, which has resulted in a very large liquidity pool, allowing MetaCat to remain healthy and accessible for all. With a circulating market cap of 15 million, we are here to stay but we are also just getting started.

We also have a meme-contest of sorts, be sure to bring your creative might! Details here.

Here is some more info, be sure to check everything out!

Total supply: 999,999,999

LP : 50%

Team tokens : 0x8a995BC64e0fBD2E1cDe9DD0E5B603DE48cc5d04 -> 25%

Seed investors: vested at 8% monthly: 0x099724D7781df1bB57F8edE40D01B0daF5C33f26 -> 25%

We have been listed on CG and CMC!



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This is not financial advice , please do your own research.

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