Exactly 2 years ago Elon said he's backing Dogecoin over Bitcoin. Since then price has gone down over 79%

He first started trying to slowly bring it up to his Twitter followers on April 2, 2019. Probably he schemed an idea to buy shitload of Doge and then try to bring it back to mainstream to his cult fanboys and make shitload of money that way if price increases incredibly because of it. He made four tweets that day regarding to Doge. Here is screenshot of first three. Fourth was just linking an article about Dogecoin.


Then I guess he forgot about it or postponed his idea, and only started to advertise it pretty heavily like 1.5 years later, price has gone immensely up and it all culminated in anticipation of his SNL appearance. And on May 25 of 2021, exactly 2 years ago he even he even seriously stated that he’s backing Dogecoin over Bitcoin. Since then price of Doge has gone down over 79.6%, and that wasn’t even the lowest price that many people bought the Doge for who trusted Elon for some reason.


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