November 6th 2021 1500 UTC EvaGrow launched!

✅ Already 300+ holders, $750k Market Cap! ✅


❇️Benefits for holders❇️ ⚡️Just launched! ⚡️Rewarded in BUSD ⚡️Anti-Whale and buyback features!

💎 THE COIN THAT PAYS TO HOLD💎 EvaGrow is a deflationary token, the longer you hold the more valuable the coin becomes. EvaGrow holders will earn 6% rewards from every transaction in BUSD, which is automatically sent to your wallets. When the price drops our team will use the buy-back wallet to keep the price growing. 2% of every transaction will be allocated to the buy-back wallet. The contract automates liquidity for price stability. 2% of every transaction is contributed liquidity for the community. 📈

⭐️Why EvaGrow? ⭐️ EvaGrow is a fork of EverGrow. We are not affiliated with the EverGrow team. The EverGrow model is one of the most successful and best models we've seen on the BSC. Unfortunately a lot of us missed the boat. At over a billion market cap, the odds of new investors 100x their investment is highly unlikely. So EvaGrow plans to be to EverGrow what Shiba is to Doge. We're the rocket ship that came back to pick up those that missed the first moonshot.

⭐️A sincere team⭐️ The team has Doxxed on Facebook. There will be a VC TODAY on our Telegram! KYC and audits coming. Never invest more than you can afford to lose. If you think EvaGrow is too risky, please go with your gut. Do your own research!


🌐 Website: 🌐 Twitter: 🌐 Facebook: 🌐 Reddit: 🌐 Telegram:

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