I have the pleasure to present you a new project called $Ethereal$.

The Ethereum network already facilitates countless meme coins with real world applications, further fostering innovation and adoption. Because of this, we believe that this meme world is becoming the crypto trend and we all feel the necessity of the meme dao.

Key points:

⏳Launch Time:

03:00 PM GMT, 2nd Nov



EtherealSwap is the meme swap of the world where you can swap meme coins each other and earn passive income easily.


EtherealPad is the meme launchpad of the world where we launch pre-vetted trustworthy microcap tokens.

Projects launched on EtherealPad will be one of the recommended watch on EtherealTools.


EtherealTools is the meme dextools of the world where you can chart all the meme coins listed on our Tools.

We build the trending list and ads area as well where users can easily check high qualified meme tokens.

🏘 Ethereal is the meme dao of the world with the power of the ecosystem.

🤑 Ethereal consists of EtherealSwap, EtherealPad(launchpad) and EtherealTools(dextools).

👉 Tokenomics

✅ Total Supply: 1T

✅ Symbol: $ETHEREAL

✅ Transaction tax: 12%

Guys dyor , am not a financial advisor.

Useful links:

👁 Telegram: https://t.me/ethereal_token

🌐 Website: https://etherealtoken.io/

🐧 Twitter: https://twitter.com/ethereal_token

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