Hi guys,

What do you think of Elongate?

Its a project that exists since March. They aim to be the bridge between Crypto and Charity. They have also donated almost 4 million toward Ending world hunger, cleaning the oceans, cure EB research, Kimbal Musk’s charity Big greem, India for helping out with Covid and many more.

Recently they have announced a whole ecosystem which includes a partnership with Salesforce to incorporate crypto in its user’s transactions where all of it would go through Elongate and raise money for charities. The app is being set up and will be ready in a few weeks.

They have partnered up with Mrbeast and Mark Rober to raise 30 Million to clean our oceans. They have also partnered up with EB research and will feature in Ventureforcures event on 18 Novermber with Tom Holland.

The team is very active and transparent. What do you guys think?

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