Contract Address: 0xC6015d6E1b4a002280fb93Eb9aC39E2461fF9495


Elonballs is a BEP20 token launched on May 11th focused on minting NFTs of Pokelon cards, these cards are limited in supply based on rarity and are fully functional for the upcoming TG based battle system dropping November 5th!

Elonballs is a relatively new token and this thing is filled to the brim with features that are immediately available at launch. Great team, amazing artist on board and a solid community come join us for daily chances to win some NFTs on our Telegram!!

Telegram: https://t.me/pokelonfinance


● Pokelon battles between holders coming November, 5th 2021!!!

● NFT Farming. You can stake Elonballs to obtain points which you then exchange for Pokelon NFTs or moonstones to evolve Pokelon you already have caught amongst other items that have a variety of uses.

● The devs have showed reliability, continuously developing the POKELON ecosystem and being a constant presence in TG daily!

● NFT Art is incredible and some have already sold for 1ETH this is just the beginning!

● Buyback of elonballs tokenomics “Gyaradip”.

● You can collect gym badges by completing community tasks and claim rewards, this is currently being updated alongside the elondex!

● HUGE marketing campaign incoming!!!

● Sell/Trade your pokelon NFTs on Elonmart! https://t.me/elonmart

● Organic growth, Transparent active devs and stunning NFTs join the giveaways in our Telegram DAILY!

? Tokenomics:

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000

Presale: 400000000000000 (40%)

Available At Listing: 400000000000000 (40%) Private Sale: 100000000000000 (10%) Burned At Launch: 50000000000000 (5%) Marketing Tokens: 30000000000000 (3%) Development Tokens: 20000000000000 (2%) Buy Tax: 2% Holders, 4% Mktg, 6% Buyback Sell Tax: 7% Holders, 2% Mktg, 2% Buyback


Website: https://www.pokelonfinance.com/elonballs

Check out the Elondex to see details about specific pokelon here. https://www.pokelonfinance.com/elondex-v2

Whitepaper: https://pokelon-finance.medium.com/your-pokelon-journey-is-about-to-unfold-the-pokelon-whitepaper-4594d4be7631

Gym Badges: https://www.pokelonfinance.com/gym-badges

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