Some doing worse than others, but 8 of the top 10 stable coins are currently no longer worth $1 USD (I’ve excluded UST and TRIBE since they depegged a while ago and never managed to repeg).

Below are the current prices of the top 10 stablecoins excluding Tether and Binance USD:

USD Coin (USDC): $0.91 (-9% in the last 24 hrs)

DAI: $0.9329 (-6.71%)

True USD (TUSD): $0.9935 (-0.55%)

Pax Dollar (USDP): $0.9842 (-1.22%)

USDD: $0.9559 (-4.17%)

Gemini Dollar (GUSD): 0.9676 (-2.66%)

Fei USD (FEI): 0.9232 (-7%)

FRAX: 0.9154 (-8.38%)


USDT and BUSD are the only two currently sitting at or above $1 USD.

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