Earn Up To 450k Tokens By Participating On The Funarcade Testnet

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get rewarded up to 450k FAT tokens by providing high quality feedback about the Funarcade casino games!

The Funarcade team decided to extend the testnet program until May 31st due to the positive initial response from the community. This decision will allow lots of users to become part of the testnet program and try these casino games that can appeal to both new and veteran players.

All you need is a crypto wallet to connect to the platform to play and your wallet address to receive the rewards.

You will have to complete seven missions:

– each involving the testing of each game 10 times

– providing relevant feedback

Funarcade is a casino that focuses on community, which strives to provide everyone with a fun and fair game experience.

Learn more details about the testnet and how to participate on the link below:



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