DSC – Drop Shipping Chain TOKEN


What is DSC TOKEN ?

DSC a utility token that is powered by integration that is used to provide an effective and powerful way to manage your dropshipping businesses through Crypto that will let you to:

• Start your automated ecommerce business with DSC.

  • •Easy integration
  • •Price & Stock monitoring
  • •Automated dropshipping orders
  • •Automated
  • Suppliers Fund

DropShipping with DSC makes everything easy!

Dropshipping with DSC saves you time and money. Quickly find and import trending products, monitor pricing & stock 24/7. Automatically process orders through crypto and more

DSC – Drop Shipping Chain

Start your automated ecommerce business with DSC.

Where you can manage your products & store automatically through DSC’s tools and manage your store’s financial through DSC token.

Easy integration

DSC (Drop Shipping Chain)

offers an easy and simple integration setup for your Ebay, WooCommerce, FaceBook, Shopify store.

Price & Stock monitoring

Forget manually checking with your supplier for changes to pricing or availability. DSC monitors this and makes automatic updates to your inventory.

Automated dropshipping orders

Accept and process orders while away from your computer. Take advantage of DSC solution for full-scale order processing, return processing and customer service messages.

Automated Suppliers Fund

Pay your supplier and receive sale profits through DSC token!

Now, you can stop worrying about your bank transactions for funding your Suppliers. DSC will fullfill and fund your suppliers automatically through your DSC Tokens.

Access For Multiple Users (VAs)

Enable others to access your DSC account to help you run your business. Each virtual assistant can have specific permissions.

Advanced Filters System

Know everything there is to know about your business and its products with DSC advanced filters.

Dynamic Pricing

List your products with automatic dynamic pricing that updates according to product price ranges.

Bulk Changes System

Optimize and edit your products in bulk to save time and effort. From prices and stocks to templates, policies, and more.

Psychological Pricing System

Intelligent pricing can increase your sales by over 20%. Use our automatic smart pricing system that optimally updates your pricing.

Import Products

One-click import sends products to your store in less than a minute. Import hundreds of products in a single click with DSC.

Protection from financial collapse

Our DSC smart financial collapse protector keeps our ecommerce business partners secure.

DSC Autostaking

Don’t worry if you didn’t make enough sales or maybe your ecommerce store isn’t ready yet as you can still make profits with

Automatic Orders

DSC accepts orders from your customers and notifies your supplier. No need for you to be at your computer.

Automatic Tracking Number Updates

DSC automatically provides tracking information to you and your clients as soon as it becomes available from your supplier.

Full Dashboard Overview

See all the key information and stats about your dropshipping store(s) on one screen.

Low transaction fee’s

Our transaction fee’s are 4% for our holders and 2% for our eCommerce business partners.

  • Manage your financial part of your eCommerce Dropshipping businesses through DSC wallet with low fee’s and say goodbye to all banking transactions problems.
  • Pay your suppliers, receive sale profits automatically through your DSC token wallet!
  • DSC Autostaking offers you to receive profits for simply holding the DSC token!
  • Take advantage of DSC’s low fee’s! 4% for buy & sell and for eCommerce buisness partners can get as low as 2%.


Traders buy & sell fees – 4%

1% – Receives the team of DSC

2% – Goes to Drop shipping

1% – Goes to DSC Autostaking

LP LOCK For 2 Years

DSC Ecommerce partners fees:

0.5% – Receives the team of DSC

0.5% – Goes to drop shipping chains budget & Dsc marketing

1% – Goes to DSC autostaking

TG: dsctoken

Website: https://dsc.network

Whitepaper: https://www.dsc.network/whitepaper



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