Dollar cost averaging 18 Crypto projects vs Grid trading 2 projects. 24 week update

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As per my last post on this project, I am doing to do a post regarding the statistics of 18 crypto projects, and also the result of grid trading BTC and ETH using a grid trading Bot (I used Pionex). The total amount used was $120 per project so far, and this was over 24 weeks. So $5 per week.. I also newly started DCA $3 into VET and THETA.

Breakdown for this week (apart from my mental ones)

MATIC (+5.39) is best performing asset, and the only one still profitable. NEAR protocol, has been dethroned as the worst performing asset by GALA games at -51.90% . Overall, I am heavily in the red. My losses are slightly worse than last week

I am down at this point by -20.69% (nice) or about $449. Good opportunities to continue DCA, and I am hoping for good gains during the bull market, Gotta stay positive as always.

The crypto projects I dollar cost averaged into were a small assortment. I must disclose that I used Binance for this, as it was the most cost effective. Namely BTC, ETH, BNB, MATIC, DOT,ADA, LINK, ALGO, ATOM, GALA, WOO, NEAR, ATA, PHA, XVS, FTM. The reason for the weird assortment is because I wanted to see the way altcoins would move in the market as well. I am also now investing into VET and THETA, which I mentioned in last week’s post

Thank you for the read! have a lovely rest of your day. Stay safe, and stay hydrated!

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