Doken – Revolutionizing meme utility

Welcome to Dō-Ken, the place where you can earn $BUSD just by hodling DōKen

Less than 24 hours after launch we are sitting at 7x, 750k MC.

We are not just another meme token, we are dedicating this project to reward our holders with a MASSIVE 8% BUSD Reflection.

As we are also half utility token, we keep developing this platform and implementing a new use case of DōKEN to our platform.

DōKEN aims to integrate amazing utility with a meme coin. The project is led by a KYC doxxed dev. Swap with integrated chart will be working at launch with planned dividend hub for devs in the works plus limit ordering. Visit our TG or web for more info.

Our token is a low market cap so you can easily multiply your wealth 1000x and actually have an active marketing plans and community

-Contract verified -Maximize total supply x1000 easy -100% safe

Our Marketing Strategy We believe in attacking the market hard and fast. We will not be taking breaks for the first month and everyday something new will happen. Poocoin, Youtube, Tiktok, Twitter, Instagram and much much more.

TG: Website :

DoKENomics 💰 8% BUSD Reflection 🌀 5% Dev & Marketing 🥯 2% Auto Liquidity 🔥 1% Buyback & Manual Burn 💵 1% Max Buy & Max Sell Tx ( 10,000,000,000 DoKEN ) 💴 3% Additional Fees on Selling

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