Hello! This is a 10 month endeavor – a part of a greater 8 year love affair with Dogecoin (Thanks to Josh Wise and the sponsorship). I feel it is only appropriate that the group that educated me to the world of crypto and developed my love of technology should get first dibs on… pepper seeds?

I still pay for all webhosting and ancillary costs thanks to 2014 dogecoin investments – a true currency is spent like a currency and not pure investment?

https://ohiopeppers.com/ – During sandboxing I had it as a doge only website. Unfortunately I could not find a way to keep everything in DOGE pricing while still allowing non-wallet having people to convert to fiat and pay that way. Instead, I have a setup where all payments through Doge (and BTC) automatically have a 15% discount. In addition – as a first time I’ve ever gone public and as a bonus – coupon code ToTheMoon will knock off 20% (before the final checkout 15% if paying via dogecoin). Coupon code set to last the next 12 hours.

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