There is no need to tell anyone if you have made gains or how much money you have in your portfolio.

Why would they do that, what do you get with it?

First, you have the risk of someone you told that to go out and start telling other people about it. Therefore, someone may come tomorrow to threaten you, to try to get that money out of you.

Since I live in a small town, by tomorrow everyone would know how much money I made in cryptocurrencies.

"Could you borrow me some money, hey take us out to lunch now when you made money doing nothing, take us out for a drink, why didn't you tell me to invest in that coin when you knew it was going to jump, hey you made money doing practically nothing.."

Envy and jealousy are in human nature.

People who don’t understand cryptocurrencies have the impression that we put money here and that’s it, we wait for the gains and end of the story. Ez money they think.

I literally don't see a single reason why they would talk about the value of their portfolio to other people, you will get absolutely nothing out of it. Keep that secret to yourself.

My friends think that I am a dumbass for doing this, do you really think that I will tell them about my gains? I am just going to let them think whatever they want, who cares honestly.

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