Developers believe that blockchain gaming is the next step in gaming evolution, similar to how the free-to-play movement revolutionized and cemented the place of in-game microtransactions as a viable design decision and monetization mechanism in mainstream games.

I believe blockchain gaming has several inherent advantages over other gaming modalities, including the ability to monetize in-game time investment, the ability to freely trade NFTs, and true asset ownership. This should lead to significant future growth, as evidenced by the incredible number of high-quality game studios joining the trend.

What are your opinions?

I began to enjoy these blockchain games not long ago, and I began focusing on GameFi, or more specifically on WAM tournaments, during this bear market because they’re entertaining and the prizes are great, and I needed some time to entertain and distract myself from the bear market and all the losses.

Which one do you prefer?

Player opposition to blockchain implementation is one of the most significant barriers to wider adoption.
Do you believe that a vocal minority of players objects to the indiscriminate inclusion of blockchain elements in a game, regardless of the fundamental game design benefits?

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