What is Dinger?

Dinger Token is the next generation of meme culture. We will kick off a revolution where an average person can gain access to launching meme tokens and creating their own unique environments that will help their memes succeed. We are centred around investor protection and are creating our suite of products with that in mind.

Why Dinger?

Meme tokens have taken the crypto market by storm. Unfortunately, the market is rife with scams, rugpulls, abandoned projects, and more, which hurts both those who invest in the project and also the reputation of the crypto market as a whole.

We believe that for the meme token market to truly thrive, change is needed. We want to build multiple products oriented around investor protection and ease of use and to foster the growth of a safer space for meme tokens and NFTs.


Cat-apult Cat-apult will be an automated, self-service launchpad for meme tokens and NFTs. There will be many considerations taken for investor safety to limit any manipulation by both token launchers as well as investors. Additionally, safeguards will be put in place to spread out the release of funds to a team, limiting early abandonment of projects.

Cat-Lock The Cat-apult platform will automatically add liquidity to the specified dex. After liquidity has been added, it will be locked on the Cat-lock platform. Additionally, any locks for team and vested tokens will be on the Cat-lock platform.

Cat-apult Insurance & 9 Lives While Cat-apult can 100% guarantee that a launch will be safe from a rug pull, it cannot guarantee that a team will continue to work on the token that they have launched. To help mitigate this risk, Cat-apult will have a unique form of insurance for investors. Should the majority of token holders lose confidence in a project within the early phase of a project (the specific time frame is to be determined, they will be able to initiate the insurance/refund process. More details on Cat-apult insurance and the 9 Lives platform will be released at a later date.

Benefits For DINGER Holders

For any token launching on Cat-apult, the first portion of the sale will be reserved for people who have staked a minimum amount of DINGER for a certain amount of time. This will give DINGER holders a better chance at securing a spot in a sale as well as limit gas wars for popular projects.

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Website – https://www.schrodingertoken.com/ Telegram [email protected] https://coingecko.com/en/coins/dinger-token https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/dinger-token/

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