I just found out that if you buy USDC on Coinbase, there are no fees. Also, converting USDC to other crypto is feeless. So is a really simple way to trade feeless on Coinbase just to buy USDC and then convert to whatever coin you want?

Sorry if this is already obvious to everyone but I just wanted to make sure I was right before I executed.

The first time I tried to post this it violated the rule that posts had to have more than 500 characters so here are the coins I'm bag holding rn: ADA, UNI, ACH. Feel free to make fun of those in the comments.

EDIT: it appears I am right about feeless buying of USDC (except for some people who claim they don't have that) but there is talk of a spread/other fees when converting a stablecoin to other crypto. Read the comments.

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