DEFI is about to change forever.. Dont miss this chance to get in early with a revolutionary project🛡 💎 SHIELD NETWORK 💎 🛡


Security in DeFi is a must to ensure the steady growth of mainstream adoption. There is no project more dedicated to achieving this goal than Shield Network. The team will be implementing new security features on ShieldPad never before seen on any launchpad such as:

Three Tiered Security System:

#1.GUARDIAN – "Projects launching under tier 1 will require KYC verification for all the project’s different team members and the project’s smart contracts will be thoroughly assessed. The Shield Network team will follow the development of tier 1 projects from the very beginning and meet the respective developers.”

#2. AUDITED – “Developers need to meet similar requirements to launch their project under tier 2 on the Shieldpad. However, these requirements are less strict.”

#3.DECENTRALIZED“The Shield Network team will not meet most of the teams personally.”*

Multi-signature LP Locks and Frozen Contracts :

“Once an investor locks their tokens in the liquidity pool, neither a project’s team nor the Shield Network team are able to remove these funds without the signature of the other. Should a case occur where a project’s team finds a loophole and starts removing a considerable amount of liquidity, Shield Network has implemented a frozen contract that allows investors to exit the project safely with their funds before the price falls drastically.”

( Quoted information from Shield Network’s Phemex Academy article.)

To buy IDO’s launching on ShieldPad, investors will need to be holding Shield Networks native token SHIELDNET. After every transaction there is a 6% tax. (A reasonable amount considering the usual 12 – 18%) This is divided into:

4% – LP🔒

1% – distributed too all holders 👪

1% – burned forever 🔥

Promotion for ShieldPad has begun! And new holders are accumulating daily!!! 🚀 🚀 🚀

Shield Network price bot! (find in telegram)

After ShieldPad’s completion, the team will focus on releasing the following :

STAKING: (%40 to %60 APY) 🤑

RELEASE OF SHIELD VAULT: (click link for more info) 💎

FIRST IDO LAUNCH: (big marketing push). 🚀

SHIELD TRACKER! : (secret use-case) 🤐

This is a very serious project trying to solve a VERY serious problem. So PLEASE, DYOR, and come help the team shield this space we call DEFI!🛡

Any questions? Please join Shield Network's Telegram. The active devs are always happy to assist! Also don't forget to check out their / Website / Reddit / Twitter / Instagram /

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