Hey everyone !

I’m the founder of DEEP 42, a Decentralized Entertainment and Engagement Platform. We’ve recently launched our website and our first game is now available to play!

Our goal is to create a platform where multiple games can be played, and users on the platform can earn governance tokens for engaging. With these tokens, users can create proposals or vote on created proposals to steer the direction of the platform. This includes gameplay balancing, development of new games, steering of the community treasury, and layer 2 solutions.

Our first game revolves around the care and growth of “Charlys,” which are dynamic NFTs used as the basis for characters. Players can clean, feed, and play a mini-game in Unity with their minted characters, and with enough care, players can evolve their characters, enhancing their attributes and changing their visual appearance. We’re currently working on a battle game where users can compete with their evolved characters against each other and AI.

To kickstart our decentralization process, we’ll be launching an Airdrop Campaign soon. We believe the only way to achieve true decentralization is to distribute tokens fairly and get as many people as possible to participate. We have a plan for this that we’ll be sharing in the coming days.

I’d love to hear your constructive criticism or answer any questions you may have. Check out our site at www.deep-42.com and let me know what you think!

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