Want to buy a popular NFT on opensea that’s on the polygon network? Hey no problem, you’ll need to buy some ETH first on a CEX. Okay, you did that? No, you can’t just buy the avatar for 0.015 ETH, haha. No, you need to transfer that ETH to your metamask wallet first. K you did that? Ah, yes, you should have bought more ETH than just 0.015 ETH cause yeah the gas fee just took you down to 0.01 ETH. K, so go buy some more ETH – better just buy 0.05 ETH and transfer that to the rest of your stack. Okay, so you’ll need to bridge that ETH to the polygon network first. Yeah, no problem, the fee is pretty small now so no worries. Okay, great you now have funds to buy your NFT. Oh shoot, the NFT you want is listed in MATIC? yeah so you’ll need to swap that first.

K awesome, now you can buy that NFT.

Oh, you want to buy something on the gamestop NFT market place now with your leftover 0.5 ETH? K, sit tight, I’ll get you there. . . (insert eyeroll)

Until this stuff is seemless, the masses won’t waste time like us nerds on figuring this out.

Crypto right now is like Email in 1985.

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