Tinfoil hat time! I believe that:

  1. US TradFi advocates (politicians, bankers, business executives, lobbyists, etc) are regulating, not to protect investors, but to destroy the on/off ramps (CEXs and stablecoins) into and out of crypto. Every cent into DeFi is a cent out of TradFi, and they’re eliminating competition. It’s like a digital embargo.

  2. The SEC is authentically invested in deconcentrating and decentralizing wealth and power within the crypto sector. Their recent crackdown on CEX custodial rights encourages hodlers to cutout shady middlemen and use DeFi infrastructure for themselves.

  3. This recent mini-bull was a result of institutional investors raising prices to entice retailers to invest their tax refunds. Recognizing a new source of liquidity in the first quarter of the year, they pump and dumped the market.

What are some conspiracies that you believe in? Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? What happened to the owner of the dormant wallet with over 10,000 ETH? Is Jerome Powell really an elite reptilian entity in disguise?

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