As many of you know, the CDC debit cards have been receiving many nerfs the past year or so, along with the Netflix/Spotify rebates expiring yesterday. The CDC debit card is no longer an attractive investment, and hasn’t been for some time now. Not to mention, I’m sure most of us are down BIG TIME on our stakes. Dozens of debit/credit cards offer higher cashback, and DeFi offers a higher percentage yield on your CRO stake, WITHOUT a staking requirement. The card benefits are very weak, and come at a high price. For those that have staked, or still staking, what are your thoughts on the future of the CDC debit card?

  • Was it just an onramp to get people on their platform, and the benefits are gone for good?
  • Were the benefits taken away temporarily as a reaction to bad economic conditions and/or poor marketing decisions?
  • Will they ever make a return during better economic conditions? Possibly with more attractive offers for new and veteran stakers?

Personally, I like to believe these benefits will be making a return in some form. Crypto debit cards with solid benefits are currently an underserved market, especially in the US. I will make an exception for the Coinbase card, but only when my dear 4% XLM cashback is around. The other half of me is realizing that the benefits are probably gone for good, and CDC will slowly be ruling out the cards as a whole. CDC had a good thing going for a while, but as of now, my Jade card is just one expensive ass box cutter. I will be keeping my stake although. To me it is an insignificant amount of money, and I’m not even 20 so I’m supposed to make stupid decisions. Curious to hear your thoughts, mostly hoping to see some hopium to put my mind at ease…

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