What is Utopia P2P?

Utopia is a secure, self-enclosed ecosystem. This means that all communication tools are available within the system with no third-party software involved. You will find personal and group chat, uMail, and the ability to perform financial transactions. The Utopia ecosystem uses the most advanced levels of encryption that includes elliptic curves and unique p2p network architecture. It provides users with secure and interception-proof communication channels. Utopia allows you to share information in total privacy and express your thoughts while preserving your confidentiality.

The Utopia ecosystem is decentralized, which means that your uMails, messages and files will never be stored on any third-party mail servers, web hosting companies or other centralized data warehouses.

A key holder is a lifelong owner of a decentralized account in the Utopia ecosystem. The key gives you access to the Utopia system, which is a leading communication Peer-to-Peer Network environment. The network does not require servers or 3rd party services. Each user participates in the transmission of data, but only the recipient has a key to decrypt and see the content of the message.

The main priority of Utopia is to ensure full privacy and security of its user’s data. Therefore, Utopia does not collect or store any personal information including files, text messages, uMails, IP addresses and user locations.

Please follow the steps below to register a new Utopia account: Download and install the Utopia client. Make sure that the version of the software you are installing corresponds to the operating system of your computer.

  1. Run Utopia application.
  2. Click “Create new account” button
  3. At the “Create Your Utopia Account” page enter your Nickname. Optionally, you may enter your first and last names. Please note that your Nickname and first/last names (if entered) will be visible to your authorized contacts.
  4. Click “Next”
  5. Leave the default path, but take note of it. This is the path to your Encrypted Container that will be created on your computer. The purpose of the Encrypted Container is to store your Utopia data, such as your private key, uMails, files, uWallet, chat history, contacts and transactions history in encrypted form. You may select any folder on your computer if you wish. Enter the password to your Encrypted Container twice. Make sure that you have chosen a strong password. Be sure to remember your password and never store it in plain text at your computer. Lost passwords cannot be recovered, resulting in the permanent lost of access to your Utopia account.
    Important: Make sure that you backup your Encrypted Container regularly and store your password somewhere safe, as loss of the container or password will result in the permanent loss of your Utopia account data and account access.
  6. Click “Next” button to proceed to the next step.
  7. Uncheck checkboxes if you wish not to create a Utopia desktop shortcut or not run Utopia right away after install. Click “Finish”.

Your new Utopia account has been created.

Website : https://u.is/en/download.html

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