Congrats ijustwantcash "I'm desperate", you are the lucky winner of $500 to celebrate SatoshiStreetBets hitting 500k subs!

@ijustwantcash please reply with a fresh Bitcoin address and we'll ship you the gains. A big thanks to everyone who took part!

For reference, this was his message – "I'm desperate".

And to prove the randomness, the repeatable steps are outlined below

  • The original topic was locked exactly 48 hours after being posted
  • The nearest BTC blockhash at that time was: 00000000000000000003fbae680c3d8c687869aa8680cb993fde93409decdb4c
  • Using that blockhash as the seed of this random number generator to draw a number at random from the 3078 comments, it returns comment number 1498
  • Sorting through all the comments in time ascending order the 1498th comment is the comment above (we used the Snoowrap Reddit library to do this part for us).

Thanks for playing guys!

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