Clash card, a mediaeval war culture inspired card-based battle game is now live on the BNB smart chain. The game, which revolves around the combat of two rival kings, takes its inspiration from the clash of clan warriors. The kings, or so you can say: commanders in the game are responsible for the layout of their attack or defence strategies. Based on their battlefield strategy, they set the layout of cards in different layers throughout the battle. This show of powerful cards is the key point of this P2E game.


The Clash card P2E game is launching its subscription launch on presale on the 11th of March, 2023. The launch will be live from 13:00 UTC to 17:00 UTC (4 Hours)

The Clash card team has opted for the subscription sale to ensure a fair token distribution, thus protecting all participants from pump and dump and other artificial price alteration techniques forced by the big whales.

What is a subscription launch

Users can commit an amount of BNB to a token sale in the subscription format, and their final allocation of the new token is determined by the ratio of their committed BNB to the total committed BNB by all participating users.

For better understanding, let’s take the example of a subscription presale with a hard cap of 50 BNB, if one user pledges 50 tokens and 19 other users also commit 50 tokens, then it totals to 1000 BNB in the pool. Each person who commits 50 BNB would now receive 5% of the total collection.

Calculation of the tokens in subscription launch


(No. of BNB allocated by the individual / Total No of BNB collected) * Total No. of $CLASH tokens to be sold on the launchpad

*** It should be noted here that the participants who allocated more BNB than the prescribed hard cap, will have their allocation passed onto other participants. In this way, on user can hold more tokens than a predefined limit.


This information is neither a suggestion nor an attempt to market the $CLASH tokens. It is shared solely for the purpose of information for the community and the media outlets that are following us.

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