Everyone knows Helium, but how many of you know about Chirp? Chirp is the rebranded name of Mesh+ which is the long awaited competitor of Helium. The difference between Helium and Chirp is that Helium has been trying to create a network of LORA coverage using 2.4 Ghz globally. Helium uses different frequencies in different continents and even within different continents. So just like Helium, Chirp will also be PoC (proof of coverage) and if you happened to jump the train back in the day when Helium was starting up, you know how lucrative a new Helium type of project can be. I don’t think I have to emphasize the importance of being early with these projects.

The cool thing about Chirp is that since less than a week they’ve released a waiting list for their miner. You can already subscribe to that waiting list and if you do it now, you won’t have to deal with the headaches that hardware manufacturers like Nebra and Bobcat have caused the community, because you’d be crazy early. You can put yourself on the waiting list through my ref link if you’d like: https://waitlist.chirpwireless.io/chirp-prelaunch-7bnw1gtx?referralCode=9vl2826&refSource=copy

Just like Helium, Chirp is also going to be selling a low power mining device at some point. It’s nothing like those ASIC miners that cost a lot and make you use lots of electricity.

If I sparked your interest, make sure to also check this super short and educational video about Chirp. In only 4 minutes they’ll explain everything you need to know about this project: https://youtu.be/c0WfTFIAEnY

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