CHEEL TOKEN makes X’s even in a bear market

Cheelee is a new generation social network – GameFi short video platform where users can earn money by watching the feed.



CHEEL is a governance token and has a limited emission of 1,000,000,000. CHEEL allows you to level up your NFT glasses. CHEEL token will be required for future features voting.


  • Entering the social media market gives Cheelee the access to a huge audience of potential users – 4.6 bln people. In comparison, the audience of crypto users is only 320M people. Due to the size of the market, Cheelee can provide a monthly escalating inflow of users for many years. This allows CHEEL to become a mass adoption token!
  • CHEEL has already been made x90!
  • CHEEL is listed on Coinsbit and BitMart.
  • The estimate of competitors in the short videos platforms market is more than $500 billion: Cheelee’s growth potential will be at least $100 billion, CHEEL`s price will grow by more than 1000 times!
  • CHEEL Takes 1st Places in Top Media Crypto Ratings
  • CHEEL`s price is protected from panic sales and draining by investment funds. The funds and team tokens are frozen for two years, so while the project is going through a development phase, there will be no tokens in free circulation. The only exception is community drop: 3 years vesting, and 6% TGE.

This smart solution will ensure the stability of the token exchange rate and the loyalty of investors who will benefit from holding CHEEL.

CHEEL may well be among the top-ranked cryptocurrencies,because it will be the first cryptocurreny whose audience is going to be half of all people living on the planet.

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