Celo Hackathon Series, Part 2: Social Sign-In, May 22nd - June 15


Registration for Series 2 of the B_WC Hackathon Mini-Series is open!

Register —> https://bwcseries2.hackerearth.com

For Series 2, we invite you to BUILD Social Sign-In dApps WITH CELO, Masa, and cLabs (Social Connect)

Twitter Space Kickoff https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1OyKAVeqXdMGb?s=20
Masa Repo https://github.com/masa-finance
SocialConnect Repo https://github.com/celo-org/SocialConnect
More Details about the 4-Part Series https://bwc.celo.org
Celo “Getting Started” repo https://github.com/celo-org/awesome-celo

Developers can use Masa to create identity infrastructure for web3 communities. Since launching on Celo, over 332,000 .celo Soulnames have been minted by users.

SocialConnect is a privacy-first naming service, made for phone numbers, email addresses, and other social identifiers. This service enables a convenient user experience for use cases such as payments and social discovery.

Here is the prize breakdown (you can incorporate both and be eligible for each prize pool):

Masa Prize Pool 1000 cUSD x 10 Projects 10000 cUSD total payout
Masa Developer Grant 🥇 3000 cUSD 🥈 2000 cUSD
SocialConnect Prize Pool 1000 cUSD x 10 Projects 10000 cUSD total payout

Let’s do this!

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