After losing my ass on Tate-based Pump fun shit coins like an idiot – there is one that project on Base that I think has a lot of potential…

The project is called Capybase Society Token and it’s on Base Chain (ETH), it’s a meme coin and isn’t ashamed to say it like it is.

No ‘fake utility’ being touted (that never gets released anyway), no team and marketing wallets shitting on investors – just a solid meme with the LP burned and the contract revoked.

The developer behind CAPY wrote the Solidity contract from scratch with some clever initial mechanisms to disincentivise early dumping, no copy/pasting here. Which gives me a lot of confidence in the long-term that these guys know what they’re doing and makes me wonder what else they have up their sleeve…

On its first day CAPY blew through 100K market cap like it was nothing, then 200K before peaking at 300K in a matter of minutes. When the FOMO wound down it settled at a very respectable 50K floor, and has been trading sideways for a day, gaining 200+ new holders and a growing following on TG.

Looking at their Telegram and X it looks like they’ve been busy cooking – with Coinranking listing them this morning and Coingecko applied for with posted proof. Dexscreener score is solid, 100/100 Tokensniffer score also.

CAPY is on the radar within the Base investor community… I think all it needs is a little push from a caller (or Reddit post) to see a repeat of what happened on Saturday and to hit another ATH.

Take a look for yourself using the links below, I think this one has legs to go the distance.

Buy here:



Telegram: @ CapyBaseSocietyToken

CA: 0xB951df92512e9aEb407f840997F5ddf17d8D8bE4

Not financial advice, make up your own mind and always DYOR.

Thanks for reading

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