I just realized how far-reaching Canva’s scope truly was when it raised USD 200 million in its recent USD 40 BILLION valuation. I honestly couldn’t believe everyone’s free image editor could get this huge, and I think it’s only a matter of time before it gets into crypto. And I also think this is something we need to pay attention to.

Remember, we can thank Canva for a lot of team collaborations with its live editor, so we know community growth is one of Canva’s strongest suits. Considering its potential to create a platform that prioritizes community participation, I read that Canva may as well integrate NFT creation and marketplaces (platforms like Raiinmaker or Envoy) if it decides to push into crypto. And seeing how popular NFTs are nowadays, it’s not surprising if Canva is one of the first mainstream graphic art companies to start NFT integrations.

Of course, it’s “how” Canva can do it (if it decides to) that we’re not entirely sure of. But if Canva at some point plans on releasing a token or a blockchain integration, I’d definitely stake on that.

I want to get your thoughts though. Does the idea make sense?

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