Do we live in a day and age, where we today should buy as much Bitcoin as we can, as soon as possible? Is that the best route to take at the moment, or do we still have time before the take off?

What does the time horizon look like for Bitcoin, and are we now in a period, where we need to buy quickly, before it is too late, pricewise?

Now since the halving have happened, and that Bitcoin is blowing off in terms of popularity and money inflow (ETFS) etc, how could this affect the widely discussed spike, that most likely happens roughly a year after a halving?

I could soon be in a situation where i would be able to accumulate a lot of Bitcoin, and i’m comtemplating whether i should do that as soon as i can, or wait 8 months to a year, to do the same. This wait is due to personal stuff, but my plan is to stack Bitcoin after this period nevertheless.

The choice: should i quickly act and begin accumulating a lot of Bitcoin now, or should i postpone this idea? Is it dumb to wait? And what would happen if i waited a year?

TL;DR: Should i hurry up and accumulate as much Bitcoin as i can right now, or is there still time before the take off? How would Bitcoin look in 1 year, if i waited on buying? Would it be a mistake not to act?

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