✅ Welcome to BuffedCatGirl. 0 BUY TAX ✅

❇ Stealth Launched!

🔒 LP Locked

❇ %100 Safu!

❇ 1000x Potential!

❇ Anti-Whale function

✅ Total Supply : 1 000 000 000 000 000

Max tx: 3%

Max wallet: 3%

The Buffed CatGirl launched after multiple successes of other -Buffed projects.

The project is launched by safe developers to ensure the safety of the project, and therefore the liquidity is also locked for a month. All proof of this is provided in our Telegram chat.

We have implemented a 0% tax on BUYING, and a 18% tax on selling. The tax is there to ensure a rising and stable liquidity pool for in the future. The 18% SELL tax is broken down as following:

-10% marketing

-8% liquidity

The maximum amount you can hold in a wallet is 3%. This is done to make sure we don't get big whales accumulating to much of the supply and playing around with the price.

Further on, we already partnered with multiple twitter/ telegram channels to spread the word about our project. We will keep on doing this in the future to make sure our project is seen and recognised by more and more people.

Tg: https://t.me/buffedcatgirl

Contract: 0xcd1d7e14b7e37de90c37dca496c187036f6a676c

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