So: What I mean by that is – with DeFi 2.0 you and I will get unbelievable opportunities to create wealth.

I'm talking about collateralizing assets that provide APY – if you don't know about it, check out this Twitter thread.

Basically, we imitate banks – LOL / for me, this will be very life-changing. I started to learn a lot more about finance just to make sure I understand what's happening.

I attended lots of blockchain-event in Lisbon over the past. Met the creator of – the DeFi chief of Avalanche and many more smart people.

All of them are dedicated to making DeFi 2.0 even more beneficial as it is now. Stable coin strategies including. HOWEVER its just to much – one person alone cant cope with all the information!

If you are as exited as I am – lets build a community where we analyze projects and help each other out (no shilling or anything).

Please tell me your thoughts about this – ask questions – what you want!

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