Hey buddy. I know what is be using my spare Eth on.

A project which:

– offers a solid 20% pre-staking, with no chance of Impermanent Loss,

– has not already pumped well beyond its IDO price,

– has solid tokenomics, with no VC or private sales left to dump,

– has leading tokenomics, with strong passive income mechanics such as fee sharing with the platform, and staking rewards for 4 years post platform staking going live.

Maybe a project which has a platform launch scheduled for November, after 1 year of development, and a CEO who:

– is not scared to put security ahead if the community's wants and desires

– makes bold calls and sacks those team members who are sub-standard and upgrade them,

– refuses to market before there's a tangible product worth promoting,

– shown to have deep pockets, as seen with the $1m of LP rewards already, with another $1m currently being transported by foot, in spite of his bad back.

AND a project whose got a strong, resilient community, who largely believe in the long term success of the project, and have stuck around for almost a year.




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