The Bloom Social Network solution takes advantage of the benefits of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, Web 2 and a little bit of Web 3 in this situation to transform the social networking sector and also bridge the gap between Web 2 and Web 3.

Bloom wants to bring an end to the endless cycle of useless projects in this space that is why our platform will be LIVE even before our launch.

Sign up in Bloom Network and start earning points!


/ Social Platform. Earn points for every activity on the platform.

– Referral System (Invite and Earn)

– Engage to Earn (Live)

– A marketplace to buy and sell your NFTs and other stuff

– Watch the latest movies on Bloom for free.

– Ad Platform. Bring attention to your project by running ads on Bloom

– Online P2E Games Integration. Play your favorite P2E games without having to leave the platform.

Important Links:

– Website:

– Linktree:

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