It was created by anonymous, like original btc, without premine or ICO. Now price is about satoshi, you can make a tons of money, potential is about x1000. The problem is that this is truly community coin with no huge money or company behind but it will fly for sure, just need a little kick)

What Is BitcoinZ or BTCZ?BitcoinZ is a revolutionary digital coin or crypto currency, having the fundamentals of Bitcoin and the advantage of being an entirely community-driven coin. Thus, there is no specific owner or CEO for BitcoinZ. As BTCZ implements the PoW approach (Proof of Work), it is minable like Bitcoin.BTCZ is a cryptocurrency in its own right and is not a Bitcoin Fork or an airdropped coin to Bitcoin. BTCZ had a transparent launch in September 2017 with no pre-mining, Instamining, ICO sales, or developer's fee.

BitcoinZ HalvingBTCZ has a finite supply of 21 billion coins (against 21 million Bitcoins), making it easier for pricing without involving long decimal numbers. Like Bitcoin, BitcoinZ offers a reduction of its block rewards every four years, a process known as BitcoinZ Halving. This process gives a fair chance to the existing and new miners of BTCZ against other cryptocurrencies' speculative plans that target huge rewards to their initial miners alone by halving rewards at quick intervals. The first halving will take place this Sunday!

Good luck!

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