Bitcoin's supply is becoming more fairly distributed as shrimps keep accumulating Bitcoin during the bear market - 12 million shrimp hold 0.01 Bitcoin and 4.3 million shrimp 0.1 Bitcoin.

If there’s one unique aspect of this bear market, it is how much Bitcoin are being accumulated by shrimps, which is defined as someone with less than 1 Bitcoin.

A lot of people became new shrimps around the first major capitulation in 2022 (Luna/3AC/Celsius) and around the second major capitulation in 2022 (FTX). Shrimps are adding about 26K Bitcoin every month.

Source: CarlBMenger / Glassnode

As of today:

  • 1 million addresses hold 1 Bitcoin or more
  • 4.3 million addresses hold 0.1 Bitcoin or more
  • 12 million addresses hold 0.01 Bitcoin or more

Those are amazing statistics. The growth of the number of addresses with a balance of 1 Bitcoin shows how steady the growth has been since 2010:

Source: Will Clemente

Even the whales with 10K Bitcoin or more have added lots of Bitcoin during this bear market.

Source: Rover

So, good news altogether as Bitcoin’s supply is getting a much more fair distribution, with shrimps -people like us- getting a larger slice of the Bitcoin pie. This is great as all good should be shared and available to all. Bitcoin is a great thing!

Are you a part of these statistics? And when did you become a shrimp?

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