Bitcoin has been stable around 60K for a while and I believe it's now breaking out. This means that most altcoins will bleed against BTC and maybe against the dollar as well for a while.

The strategy for this is to either switch to BTC now or wait with your altcoins, but don't fomo into BTC too late, when your altcoins start pumping again.

Remember that the higher BTC goes, the higher your altcoin will go eventually. But when I saw BTC breaking out, I sold my altcoins for BTC, because then BTC tends to steal the show for a while. If you can switch fast enough, you can maximize your profits, if you don't want to constantly trade, then keep your positions.

Plan B predicted that BTC would be around 100K by the end of the month, which will probably mean that altcoins will bleed for a little while. But remember that altcoins will pumps later. Lets cheer BTC on!

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