Guess what guys and gals? I’m in a bind. With the slight decline in cryptos over the past month I can no longer pursue my baseball card addiction. Not only do I need to start looking for a job but I’m also debating reaching out to my former girlfriend to see if she’ll have me back. By way of background…

…I’m addicted to collecting baseball cards. It’s my passion and one I spend every spare $ on, including my crypto gains. What I consider the best release in the hobby, namely Panini Chronicles, just became available. The hobby boxes retail for over $120 per box. Last year I went over budget and purchased too many hobby boxes and had to take an extra job to cover my spending. Unfortunately, this impacted my performance at my primary job and my boss told me to improve my performance or resign. Then my girlfriend told me she didn’t want to be in a relationship with a 45yo man who can’t keep a steady job or spends time on childish pursuits. She gives me a ultimatum, “It’s either me or the baseball cards!” (In her defense, after listening to her complaining for hours one evening, I retorted “Well at least cryptos become more desirable over time.” That date did not end well.)

Anyway, now that I’m single and cryptos have plateaued, I’m trying to decide my next steps. I need cryptos to keep rising to fund my passion. My current portfolio is ADA, ALGO, BTC, ETH & LTC and my exchange is Coinbase. I’m thinking of adding ERGO, MATIC and NANO. What do you think? Am I still on track to purchase a few boxes of Chronicles? Should I update the resume and give the ex a call? Thanks guys and gals for all the love and support.

TLDR: My parents, (girl)friends, and parole officer think I need therapy. However, they don’t understand collecting cards is my therapy. It helped me get through some very dark times. The rhythm of sorting is very peaceful and therapeutic.

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