Join us at the Betahaus in Berlin for an interactive discussion about Cryptography, Blockchain, and DAOs hosted by Aragon, the leading platform for building your DAO. Come connect with the growing web3 community at the Betahaus and spread the word about this event! Did we mention FREE pizza, drinks, and swag?

Event structure

18:30 — doors open / meet and greet + pizza

19:00 — “Three ways modern cryptography is changing today’s world” by Artem Grigor, Research Engineer, Aragon Association

19:30 — Break out discussions followed by Q&A

20:00 — “DAOs: What are they and how could they impact the future of democracy?” Alex Kampa, Head of Research, Aragon Association

20:30 — Break out discussions followed by Q&A

About Speakers

Alex Kampa

As head of Aragon’s ZK Research team, Alex focuses on creating censorship-resistant private voting systems for DAOs. He previously served as a blockchain governance and tokenization expert at the European Commission. His research interests include monetary theory and consensus protocols.

Artem Grigor

Artem is a Research Engineer at Aragon focusing on Privacy Preservation Technologies. He is currently working on Private Scalable Voting using Zero Knowledge Proofs.

About Aragon

Aragon is a suite of applications and services that enable new forms of global communities.

Communities can organize around capital assets, currency, or tokens, which will increase in value as more people hold and use that asset to participate in the community. By providing the tools for people to turn a community, cause, or even a meme into its own economy, we can unlock a long tail of DAOs that are not limited just to protocols like Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Aragon not only provides basic financial tools like tokenization but can create reproducible and broadly applicable templates for defining the boundaries of a community and flowing value to contributors over the internet without traditional intermediaries.

The Aragon project was founded to disintermediate the creation and maintenance of organizations. We believe everyone should have equal access to governance and collaboration, no matter their age, gender, or race. The project was originally started by Luis Cuende and Jorge Izquierdo in November 2016.

Limited Seats Available, Reserve Today 🙂

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